Recent developments in nanostructured metals and alloys

Brad Boyce, Sandia National Lab; Nathan Mara, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Wednesday, 24 March 2021 - 12:00pm

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Nanostructured metals have been widely investigated due to their abundant interfaces (grain boundaries and phase boundaries) that can drastically impact the mechanical and physical properties of materials. The March, 2021 issue of MRS Bulletin highlights current research on nanometals, including gradient-structured metallic materials with high strength and ductility, deformability of hierarchical multiphase metallic nanocomposites, strategies to improve thermal stability of nanocrystalline metals, fatigue and fracture response of nanocrystalline and nanotwinned metals, and other breakthroughs that provide an in-depth understanding of the forefronts of the field.

This webinar will present three talks with authors from the MRS Bulletin issue. An interactive Q&A will be held with each of the speakers following their talks.