Nanoscience Seminar Series | Xiaogang Peng

Rational Synthesis and Processing of High Quality Nanocrystals
Tuesday, 19 April 2005 - 2:50pm
CIEMAS Auditorium B

Xiaogang Peng
Department of Chemistry
University of Arkansas

High quality nanocrystals must be nearly monodisperse in size and shape because of theirsize dependent properties. A lack of fundamental knowledge of crystal growth makes thisas a challenge task. To solve this problem, growth mechanisms of colloidal nanocrystalshave been extensively studied, which has helped the development of synthetic chemistry ofthese unique materials based on green chemistry principles. Processing of high qualitynanocrystals depends on the understanding of ligand chemistry of nanocrystals, which willalso be discussed. Complex nanocrystals grown by solution epitaxy and applications ofvarious colloidal nanocrystals will also be briefed.