Integrating Molecular Imaging with Spatiotemporally Synchronized Cancer Combinatiorial Therapy Using Photo-Activatable Nanoconstruct Platforms

Tayyaba Hasan, Ph.D. Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School
Wednesday, 27 February 2019 - 3:00pm
Bryan Research 103

Dr. Hasan's scientific efforts are focused on photochemistry-based approaches (photodynamic therapy, or PDT) for treatment and diagnosis of disease. The overall strategy is to develop molecular mechanisms and optical imaging-based combination treatment regimens where one treatment arm involves light activation of certain near-infrared-absorbing chemicals. This program identifies various cellular and molecular targets for specific diseases and designs constructs for optimal photochemical treatment effects. The targeting entities include photoactivatable nanoparticles and small molecules. A poster session and reception will follow Dr. Hasan's lecture.