Efficient Dyes with Unexpected Colors for Dye-sensitized Cells

Professor C-Y Lin (National Chi Nan University, TAIWAN)
Thursday, 11 April 2019 - 11:40pm
French Family Science Center 2237

Professor Michael Therien; co-sponsored by the Duke University Energy Initiative's Energy Research Seminar Series

Abstract: We herein report three organic dyes with unusual colors for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) indoor or outdoor applications.

The AN-11 dye is an anthracene-based dye. With a relatively simple chemical structure, AN-11 absorbs light at 528 nm and its solution appears red. Surprisingly, DSSCs sensitized with AN-11 show a very black color. We addressed this interesting phenomenon. For indoor applications, we examined a large module (active area = 26.8 cm2) sensitized with the AN-11 dye, along with the Z907 dye for comparison. Our study shows that overall efficiency () of the AN-11 module is superior to that of the Z907 counterpart, approaching 12% under 1000 Lux of T5 light.

The LS-01 and LS-11 dyes are air-stable bacteriochlorins with a push-pull chemical design. Photovoltaic measurements of our first generation bacteriochlorin dyes show that LS-01 (= 4.67 %) and LS-11 (= 5.36 %) significantly outperform the reference porphyrin dye, H2PE1, (= 2.06 %) under one-sun irradiation. Intriguingly, the anodes sensitized with the LS-01 and LS-11 dyes give rise to pink and blue colors, respectively.


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Acknowledgments: This work was supported by the MOST, Taiwan, ROC.