CEINT Seminar

"The role of heteroaggregation on the fate of engineered nanoparticles", Dr. Arturo A. Keller, Professor, School of Environmental Science and Management, University of CA- Santa Barbara
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 - 12:00pm
208 Hudson Hall

Once released into the environment, engineered nanoparticles encounter suspended sediments at a much higher frequency than other nanoparticles. However, the interactions between engineered nanoparticles and clays or other natural particles (heteroaggregation) has not been studied in detail. Recent experimental work in our research group indicates that there are multiple modes of interaction, depending on the water chemistry and the nature of the clays. The experimental results have been translated into a modeling framework that takes into consideration this key process. Heteroaggregation is shown to be a major determinant of the fate of engineered nanoparticles in the environment.