[CANCELLED] Condensed Matter Seminar "Nonordinary edge criticality of two-dimensional quantum critical magnets"

Lukas Weber (RWTH Aachen)
Thursday, 19 March 2020 - 11:30am
Physics 298

ased on large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations, we examine the correlations along the edges of two-dimensional semi-infinite quantum critical Heisenberg spin-1/2 and spin-1 systems. In particular, we consider coupled quantum spin-dimer systems at their bulk quantum critical points, including the columnar-dimer model and the plaquette-square lattice. The alignment of the edge spins strongly affects these correlations and the corresponding scaling exponents, with remarkably similar values obtained for various quantum spin-dimer systems. Our observations furthermore challenge recent attempts that relate the edge spin criticality to the presence of symmetry-protected topological phases in such quantum spin systems.


Paul, Cristin